Our culture

Core Values and Principles

  1. The value and practices that set us apart.
  2. A blueprint for how we work together.
  3. How and why we do the hings we do.


Confident, optimistic, and focused on desired results

  1. Establish a clear mission.
  2. Provide consistent, non-conflicting direction necessary to succeed.
  3. Maintain a positive atmosphere while maintaining a process of clearly assigned responsibility and accountability.


Encourage individual and organizational success through individual support, skill development, training, and a positive approach to risk taking.

  1. Provide support to individuals and business units, especially during challenging circumstances.
  2. Promoted and value the success of others.
  3. Encourage manageable risk-taking, recognizing that not all actions will succeed.
  4. Value broad input in decision making.

Develop & Expose

Develop individual capability and organizational depth through challenging assignments, broad exposure, and information sharing.

  1. Broadly disseminate information exposing more people to generate new ideas and more creative approaches.
  2. Encourage development by challenging individuals with new assignments that provide opportunities to learn and grow.

Open & Openness

Maintain an environment that encourages openness and that is open to change.

  1. Recognize and value the diversity inherent in a global enterprise.
  2. Encourage the sharing of information and differing views and opinions.
  3. Seek opportunity in change.

Wellness & Fitness

Promote good health and fitness, especially as the result of exercise, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles and maintain appropriate balance in priorities.

  1. Recognize the need for balance between work and p ersonal life.
  2. Company supported wellness initiatives.
  3. Recognize the Company’s role in promoting wellness and fitness and their benefits in the quality of both personal and work life.

Camaraderie & Team Spirit

Value and trust among our employees

  1. Recognize the enthusiasm gained from strong teams.
  2. Recognize that we are on the same team and that our competitors are outside the company.
  3. Develop and maintain trust and bonds that transcend personal preferences.


Being courteous, respectful, and civil to others

  1. Treat each other with respect.
  2. No All-Stars: special talents, special capabilities, but no privileged people.
  3. Value and respect diversity in culture, ethnicity, beliefs, lifestyle.